Monday, October 8, 2007

The most ridiculous juice yet!

Another great day drinking lots of green juice and studying yoga. Instead of hopping in my car and fighting LA traffic to get to the nearest restaurant during my lunch break I simply sipped juice while sun bathing. The sun is so important for optimal physiological function. I hope you get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day so you don't get cancer.
I have been tinkering with juice recipes and tonight I came up with one you just might want to try...

Fresh bunch of mint (leaves AND stems)
Your favorite apples and grapes
All organic every time.

I ran the above ingredients through a Green Star Juicer because it can handle leafy greens, unlike most juicers. I also could have thrown it all in a high power blender and then strained with a nut mylk bag (nylon mesh).

I definately diluted the juice with water since it is so sweet. You can also lower the glycemic index by using green apples and grapes. I can't wait to sip on it throughout my day tomorrow!


Mark said...

Blair Boudousquie! I am in awe of your tenacity! It is really quite humbling to see you chase after your goal. I don't know the next time that we will meet again, but it would be a joy to hear your journey (I never even knew that you were sick). Is Venice very far from La Jolla? That is where Deepak Chapra lives, and he has an interesting perspective on the unity of Life and Soul.

Take care, Blair, and be strong :)
Mark Bradley

Blair Boudousquie said...

Wonderful to hear from you Mark! It's been a while for sure. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Deepak is a great teacher and is helping so many people heal many of their levels.

Ketyy said...

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