Saturday, October 6, 2007

First week complete!

I'm now on day 6 of my juice feast and I feel great. I found myself a bit spacey and hunger was common the first few days. I now have little desire for solids. The juices are totally satisfying. The green juices are so rich, especially when I blend in some spirulina and chlorella. Check out my "Why Greens?" video for an explanation of why we, as a species, should be basing our diet on chlorophyll rich greens.
So you may wonder what I've been up to so far on my juice feast. Am I actually a functional human being while going through the deepest cleanse I have ever pursued? Resoundingly yes! I'm currently studying yoga in Los Angeles with Srivatsa Ramaswami. I have been in class around 7 hours a day for the past week and will continue until the 14th. I'm convinced that yoga and juice feasting go hand in hand. My yoga practice is deepening at a rapid pace since my belly is empty all the time. Even the yogis of old were tuned into the fact that a full belly prevented them from their deeper practices.
In addition to my yoga training I'm staying with my beautiful friend Dara and her daughter Jada in Venice. I'm so fortunate to have such a loving home to support me during this time of growth and transformation. I often reflect on how everything effortlessly fell into place surrounding this juice feast and my yoga studies. I feel totally supported. Although I'm only drinking juices for the next 3 months, I've been making my best live food cuisine for Dara and Jada. Sooner or later I'll put some recipes up in the "Eat to Live" section of my main site.

Remember, health and happiness is your birthright!
Peace and Blessings


Courtney Pool said...

Yay!! That's super epic!! I didn't know you were doing so much yoga! Wow! Where is this video you speak of?

Blair Boudousquie said...

Hmm, video... Let's just say I've been having some technical difficulties. It'll be up in due time.

Ketyy said...

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