Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Detox symptoms and more colon stuff

*WARNING* This post may be a little much for those uncomfortable with topics such as body secretions, sphincters and colon hygiene.

Fortunately for me I have done quite a bit of cleaning out in the 3 years before undertaking this juice feast. This occurs automatically when anyone turns away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and embraces a natural way of life. This means that I'm experiencing less detox and more subtle healing and rejuvenation. But alas, these juices are very powerful and I'm beginning to release some really deep, old toxins.

I've heard many stories of the ways in which toxins choose to leave people's bodies while cleansing. Mine currently seems to be coming out of my lips. How do i know? Sometimes when I lick my lips they have an astringent taste of chemicals. At first I didn't know what to think, but after consulting with my coach and mentor, David Rain, we concluded that it could likely be pharmaceuticals resurfacing from my past. So I started to review in my mind the dangerous chemicals I have exposed myself to. First off, we are all exposed to high degrees of environmental toxins. To make matters worse, if we eat any animal products we are exposed to concentrated forms since animals store toxic chemicals in their tissues and fat (butter anyone?). I can't imagine that eating chicken fried steak everyday for 20 years helped my situation. Next, I spent many hours in a chemical synthesis lab during my years as an organic chemistry student. I have fond memories spilling bright yellow chemicals with names starting with a "Z" on myself. Hmmm... Finally, like most Americans I once popped pharmaceuticals like they were candy. At one point I was on Accutane, which damages the liver, causes suicidal thoughts and even causes birth defects in women. It's purpose is to destroy the oil glands of the face in order to halt acne. Wow, way to go FDA for protecting me in my early stages of development.
Ok, now I have an idea of what might be coming out. Interestingly my liver has been a bit sore when I massage it. I daily massage my internal organs in my yoga practice and I've noticed this change in the past few days. It isn't sore all the time, but I think it's getting overloaded processing all the stuff I'm stirring up. David suggested pineapple juice and coffee enemas. The pineapple is high in the enzyme bromelain, which helps flush the liver. I'm also incorporating cilantro juice and chlorella since they bind toxins and remove them from the body. I'll get to the coffee enemas shortly...

The most important thing to do when detoxing is open the systems of elimination. For instance, I'm consciously breathing deeper through my daily pranayama practice and by playing my didgeridoo. The breath is not only a major system of toxin elimination it is also a way of bringing more prana (aka life energy) into the body, which actually increases metabolism, which in turn maximizes elimination. I'm also drinking more water with MSM as well as chanca piedra tea, skin brushing, squeezing my organs (yogasana), and yes, giving myself a daily coffee enema.

So whats the story on enemas. An enema is a form of colon irrigation. Modern science has revealed that colon health is largely connected with the level of health of the rest of the body. Today, colon hydrotherapy is a popular wellness therapy performed by a professional. But, did you know that even thousands of years ago people who practiced self-healing have used enemas in their daily health regimen. For instance, The Essene Gospel of Peace describes Christ teaching people how to heal using a water filled gourd to clean the "demons" out of their colons. The yogis of ancient India also describe methods of cleaning the colon to prevent disease. My teacher's teacher, Sri T. Krishnamacharya, describes a method in his book Yoga Makaranda called Jala Basti in which the yogi squats in a pool of water and using breath retention forces the water in through the anal canal until the colon is full. Talk about fine tuned muscle control! Since I'm still in the process of learning on demand sphincter control I decided to use an enema bag that I bought at the local health food store. I'm using organic coffee because it helps increase peristalsis so that I can eliminate more of what my liver is dumping into my intestinal tract.

I highly recommend trying an enema at some point. I've found that it allows me to explore my body in a new way. Feeling new sensations is always a great way to learn more about what's really going on inside.


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Courtney Pool said...

On demand sphincter control... put that on my 'to do' list... nice.

Bad mamajama said...

you are just too HOOOOOOT!!

I am on juice feasting day 8, trying to cure eczema.
I have been enjoyining this juice feasting so far!

Thanks for sharing your story on your blog!

william said...

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Melanie Carr said...

Thanks for this. I have been doing yoga, adopted more of a whole foods plant based diet, and had some of the yogi detox tea. My energy was unexpectedly through the roof last night... And my liver was (and still is) painful. I'll try squeezing the organs and flushing my system faster with some beauty water. Just cannot get into enemas.

Melanie Carr said...

Thanks for this. I have been doing yoga, adopted more of a whole foods plant based diet, and had some of the yogi detox tea. My energy was unexpectedly through the roof last night... And my liver was (and still is) painful. I'll try squeezing the organs and flushing my system faster with some beauty water. Just cannot get into enemas.

lee woo said...

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Nathalie Uy said...

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