Sunday, December 2, 2007

Transitioning back to solid food

I'm giving myself 6 days to easily transition back to solids after drinking only juice for 60 days. One might think my inclination would be to simply pig out and be done with it, but I assure you this is'nt the case. At this point my digestive system is nice and comfortable with the feeling of emptiness. If I eat too much too fast, or foods that are too heavy (such as nuts and seeds) my system will feel invaded. So I'm doing this in a systematic way that has been designed to reignite my agni, digestive fire.

The first day I simply added an 8 ounce meal of soaked prunes along with all of my normal juices and superfoods.

The second day I added two such meals. It took a bit longer than I expected to have my first prune induced bowel movement. Fortunately things have normalized since then and I seem to be flowing smoother.

The third day saw the addition of 1 orange, 2 pears, 1 apple and 1 cucumber as well as my two prune meals and green juices.

The fourth day, today, I'm also replacing my fruit juices with juicy fruits as well as two prune meals and green juices. Upon waking I drank 1 quart of green juice. At around 10 am (when my digestive fire is strongest) I made a delicious purple apple sauce: Blend 1 gala, blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla.

On days five and six I will be adding baby greens salads with avocado and olives. No nuts or seeds yet! I will also be eating juicy fruits, prunes and green juice.

This should leave me prepared to begin incorporating the full plethora of raw and living vegan foods. I can't wait to get back into sea veggies (nori, dulse, kelp, wakame, arame, etc.), sprouts, hemp seeds, superfood green smoothies, etc. I also love the idea of going for a long hike and simply throwing some simple solid foods in my pack to sustain my journey. Should make life easier!

I'm really excited to use green juices in my daily diet as this was largely absent before my juice feast. What a great way to get mineralized and take some burden off the digestive system!