Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Passing through day 50

Day 50 has come and gone. It's hard for my mind to grasp being without solid food for this long, yet it really hasn't been difficult as many would expect. I feel unbelievably clear and fresh. Many people tell me I have a definite glow about me. I sure feel like I'm glowing. It's been such a blessing to have freedom from my digestive system for so long. This has allowed me to work on healing and balancing my subtle energies (which I will continue explaining shortly).
I want to comment on what it's been like being around food and other people who are eating. First of all, I am in a unique position because when I walk by your typical American diner, ice cream or donut shop I no longer even identify what people are eating as food. My biochemical and energetic understanding of food has shifted my perception in regards to what real food is, and let me just say that most people aren't eating anything close to real food! So if antiobiotic, blood and puss filled mamary secretions of a recombinant bovine growth hormone injected heffer are being served as "ice cream" it does little in the way of tempting me. Throughout this feast I have maintained my passion as an organic Live Food chef by preparing some killer dishes and desserts for friends and family. While this is somewhat tempting, I'm not nearly as big a fan of the rich dessert aspect of raw foods as I am for things like field greens salad with a creamy hemp seed and spirulina dressing! I must say that I am really starting to miss my killer salads, green smoothies and superfood tonics.
Another issue I'm starting to notice is that it's getting more challenging to maintain my lean body mass as well as keep my energy up. I've been very active during this feast, but it's starting to get harder to exercise and build my body. I have been advised to add more protein rich blue-green algae, vitamineral green, as well as hemp oil. In addition I'm going to start juicing more yams and maybe a bit more fruit juice. Once day 60 comes around I'll reevaluate where my body is in order to decide if the full 92 days is appropriate for my consitution. If not, I will begin the process of reintegrating solids on day 60, with the knowledge that this has been a truly miraculous journey.


Courtney Pool said...

Congrats, Blair. I'm so proud and impressed by you! It brings me joy to know you're loving it so much, and I'm grateful to be your fellow juice feaster :)

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